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Come for post scheduling, stay for everything else.

PostDaddy is packed with features that optimize your Reddit workflow.

Schedule your posts ahead of time to save hours fumbling around on Reddit. Set submission dates on your posts, and PostDaddy will submit them when it's time.

Designed to save your time.

Scheduling content and discovering trends are a breeze with PostDaddy. Reduce your Reddit workflow from hours to minutes.

Bulk Scheduling

Import posts with a spreadsheet

Download and fill out a template spreadsheet to schedule up to 500 posts at once.

Optimized Posting Times

Maximize your views automatically

When creating a post, select from a list of historical best times to maximize views.

Automatic Post Removal

Keep your post history clean

Automatically delete posts if they don't receive enough upvotes within a selected time period.

First Comment Automation

Add context to your posts

Include a comment with your post to promote more of your content.

Unique Links

With Subscription

Upload once, share everywhere

Upload your content to PostDaddy, then post it as many times as you'd like. Each post will have a unique URL that won't trigger Reddit's spam filters.


With Subscription

Manage all of your Reddit accounts

Connect up to 5 Reddit accounts to PostDaddy to automate all of your accounts from a single dashboard.

Pricing for all creators.

From Reddit power-users to professional marketers, PostDaddy has a plan that fits your needs.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we'll get back to you.

    • Will I get banned or suspended from Reddit for using PostDaddy?

      PostDaddy has built-in protections to ensure that your account doesn't violate any of the Reddit API terms of service. However, you may be banned or suspended if you use PostDaddy to submit content disallowed by the Reddit terms of service.

    • Will I get shadowbanned from Reddit for using PostDaddy?

      Using PostDaddy will not get your account shadowbanned. Posting spam or posting excessively may result in a shadowban.

      To reduce your chances of a shadow ban, only use Reddit accounts with post or comment history. Established accounts are less likely to be flagged for spam.

      In the unlikely event that your account gets shadowbanned, you can easily appeal the decision on Reddit.

    • Is PostDaddy affected by the recent Reddit API changes?

      PostDaddy is fully compliant with the new terms of the Reddit API. We're not going anywhere!

    • Do I need to give PostDaddy my Reddit username and password?

      No. When you connect an account, Reddit will prompt you to authorize PostDaddy to act on your behalf. You can revoke this permission at any time on the Connected Accounts page or through application settings on Reddit.

    • Is PostDaddy optimized for mobile devices?

      PostDaddy is fully optimized for mobile devices, desktops, and tablets. Use any device that you'd like.

    • Can I upload NSFW content to Reddit with PostDaddy?

      Yes, this use case is supported. You can upload images, GIFs, and videos.

    • Is there a free trial available for PostDaddy?

      Most features are available on the free plan. Feel free to try all the features and post up to 10 times per month before upgrading.

    • Does PostDaddy have subscription plans for larger businesses and agencies?

      We eventually intend to launch plans and features for enterprise. Stay tuned!

    • How does PostDaddy store my payment information?

      PostDaddy uses Lemon Squeezy, a reputable software-centric payment processor, for billing. We have no direct access to your payment method.

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